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This guide organizes DAWI and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives’ library of resource documents.  You can also see the complete list. or search the library. If you have materials you would like to contribute, please contact Joe Marraffino at [email protected].

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In addition to worker cooperatives, there are many other types of democratic workplaces, including but not limited to:

  • Multi-stakeholder cooperatives, where workers are one of several member/owner category
  • Consumer cooperatives with democratic staff self-management
  • Non-profit organizations with democratic staff self-management
  • ESOPs with majority worker ownership

These businesses and organizations provide paid employment to workers who, while not direct owners or sole owner class, have democratic self-management in the workplace.

How workplace democracy manifests itself in different businesses and organizations, depends on many factors and can be influenced by industry, age, and size. But the core principle remains that workers have some form of democratic participation in the workplace.

Learn about the different types of other democratic workplaces:

Some well-known democratic workplaces include:

If you work at a democratic workplace, we invite you to join the USFWC!


Starting a worker cooperative is an exciting and challenging endeavor! Here's a few to-do's to get you started:

  1. Join the USFWC as a member organization. You'll be connected to a national and international network of cooperators, developers, and allies that will help to support you through the process.
  2. Attend our FREE monthly Worker Co-op Startup webinar
  3. Choose a book from our Co-op Bookshelf to read with your team
  4. Watch a video together during lunch
  5. Work through the Co-op Movement study guide from TESA Collective


Make use of the resources available through our ecosystem of worker co-op partners and allies:

Cooperative Capacity

Business Development



Looking for a start-up resource that is not included on this list? Additional start-up resources are available here.

Startup workplaces are invited to join the USFWC. Learn more.


Retiring? Considering selling your business? Your employees may be your best buyer!

With the increasing number of baby boomers approaching retirement, many are looking for a succession plan and exit strategy that allows them to see the legacy of their business continue on while they enter retirement.

If you’re a selling business owner, or employees are a business up for sale, we hope these resources offer a helpful place to start.

To speak with a conversion advisor directly, please visit our partners with the Conversion Collaborative ‘Becoming Employee Owned’ resource site:



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