USFWC program areas are designed to advance our primary objectives of serving, convening, and representing our members.



Think of USFWC as your national advocate; representing the interests of worker cooperatives and worker ownership with federal agencies and elected officials. In addition to acting as a voice for worker-ownership nationally, our staff and Board also support member-initiated advocacy efforts at the local level. Mebers are invited to signup for email updates or join the Federation’s Advocacy & Public Policy Member Council. Learn more!  



USFWC is your ‘go-to’ resource for all things related to democratic workplace management and governance. Providing ongoing education and training opportunities is a foundational benefit of membership.  You’re invited to visit the shared Resource Library we maintain with Democracy at Work Institute, learn about and signup for a Custom Consultation with an expert advisor, browse the events calendar and job board, and watch videos of workshops and trainings. Learn more about the full range of benefits, education and training resources.



We bring people together. We create space and opportunity for our members to connect locally and by industry, to learn from each other and with each other, to strategize and organize together. We organize peer networks and member councils led by worker-owners, collaborate with local partners in cities and regions across the country, and , designed for worker-owners/members to connect with each other based on industry or business-stage. In partnership with the Democracy at Work Institute, we also create leadership opportunities for worker-owners/members to become peer advisors, mentors, and community organizers.

Participation in peer networks and member councils is open to all USFWC members. Please note that some networks have eligibility criteria*.

Learn more about these programs and get involved. Members are also encouraged to suggest new peer networks or member councils.

  • Local Partner Network
  • Worker Cooperative National Conference (July 29-31, 2016)
  • Peer Networks
    • 20/20 Workplaces (workplaces that are 20+ years old and/or have 20+ workers)
    • Conversion Business Leaders
    • Democratic Workplaces (multi-stakeholder coops, democratically managed non-profits and ESOPs)
  • Member Councils
    • Advocacy & Public Policy
    • Consejo español miembro
    • Racial & Economic Justice
    • Union Coops