Local Partners & Regional Organizing

Learn more about and get involved with our local partners on the ground across the country.


Local & Regional Organizing

Austin Cooperative Business Association  (Texas)

Cincinnati Union Coop Initiative* (Ohio)

Cooperative Maine

Cooperation Texas*

Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy* (East Coast/South) – Summer 2017

Federation of Southern Cooperatives (Southern Region)

Las Vegas Worker Ownership & Resource Center (Nevada)

Los Angeles Union Coop Initiative*

Madison Worker Cooperatives* (Madison, WI)

Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives* (San Francisco Bay Area)

New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives*  (New York City)

Ohio Employee Ownership Center

PDXPCI, Portland Project for Cooperative Innovation (Oregon)

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance (Philadelphia, PA)

Rocky Mountain Employee Ownership Center (Colorado)

SLICE Northwest Cooperative Alliance (Washington State)

Southern Grassroots Economies Project | CoopEcon

Valley Alliance of Worker Cooperatives* (Pioneer Valley, MA & Southern VT)

Vermont Employee Ownership Center (Burlington, VT)

Worker Owned and Run Cooperative Network*  (Boston, MA)

Western Worker Cooperative Conference* (West Coast) – Summer 2017

*USFWC Members


National & International

National Cooperative Business Association (US intersectoral coop association)

ICA, International Cooperative Alliance (international intersectoral coop association)

CICOPA (international worker coop federation)


USFWC is also a member of national coalitions, including:

American Sustainable Business Council

New Economy Coalition

Solidarity Economy Network