Democracy at Work Network (DAWN) Coordinator

  • Part Time
  • Remote
  • This position has been filled

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The DAWN Coordinator is a part-time project coordination staffer who administers the following areas, with Governors input as appropriate: 1) Manage DAWN’s intake process 2) Maintain all DAWN administrative and communications systems  3) Manage Client & Peer Evaluation Process 4) Manage  Peer Advisor (PA) Certification Process/Requirements/Re-certification 5) Make Recommendations to Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) re: training program applicants 6) Develop streamlined governance and operational structure for DAWN, to be approved by DAWN Governors in consultation with members 7) Propose business development strategy with input from Governors and USFWC staff.

Compensation & Facilities: Pay rate is $25/hour. Contractor will invoice USFWC on a monthly basis. Contractor shall be responsible for providing their own fax, telephone, and computer equipment needed for this project.  The USFWC shall provide access to its computer network, files, office equipment and office space and services as needed. Additional expenses may be reimbursable with prior approval per USFWC staff policies.

Trial Period: 12 months, October 2017– September 2018. There will be a midpoint evaluation to evaluate the adequacy of the scope of duties, performance quality, and budgeted time and compensation for the position.

Scope of Duties

(1) Manage network administration and information systems

  • Maintain a current roster of DAWN apprentices and members past and present
  • Maintain DAWN communications and information systems
  • Maintain current PA skills and availability information
  • Collect dues/manage payments to PAs
  • Train DAWN members to use billing, communications and information systems
  • Support budgeting process; monitor budget and manage expenses, with Governors input
  • Coordinate annual elections and semi-annual member meetings with Governors input

(2) Oversee client intake

  • As part of an Intake Team, ensure timely responses to inquiries that come in by webform, email, telephone, and referral
  • Assign Intake Team members in either observing or leading roles
  • Ensure thorough documentation of intake conversations
  • With team input, assign inquiries and projects to peer advisors
  • Support PAs and clients to solicit funding as needed

(3) Supporting intake continuity, client tracking, and quality control

  • Set the rotating Intake schedule, cue new team members bi-monthly
  • Ensure that Intake Team tracks and follows up on all intake inquiries and works in progress until they are resolved

(4) Training, supporting and evaluating PAs to do intake

  • Schedule regular intake transition meetings
  • Provide feedback to PAs immediately post-intake
  • Train journeyperson PAs by example and discussion
  • Evaluate rotating intake members bi-monthly

(5) Technical Assistance Project Management

  • Monitor progress of TA projects to ensure quality of service
  • Field client feedback and adjust peer advisor assignments accordingly
  • After a project’s completion, send and receive client evaluations, and initiate client billing if needed

(6) Reporting, Documentation, and Developing Systems

  • Maintain tracking system for all requests and follow-up (consult only, assign paid and pro-bono projects, refer to partner, etc.)
  • Ensure that team documents intake and project steps as they happen.
  • Report to DAWN membership and USFWC on intakes and work in progress quarterly.
  • Monitor processes and systems for consistency, document changes, suggest improvements.


  • Non-profit, Government, Trade Association, or Worker Cooperative operations experience: Three years experience in an admin or operations role is required. You must have demonstrated competency in Microsoft Office, Google apps, familiarity with relational databases (we use CiviCRM), and a willingness and ability to engage with website backend (we use WordPress).
  • Basic financial management experience:  While we have other bookkeeping staff support, familiarity with basic financial management is essential.  Experience reading budgets, tracking and reporting metrics, and prior development of financial management systems is highly desirable.
  • Initiative, attention to detail and 100% follow-through: You need the ability to manage time well, establish realistic deadlines and meet them consistently. Your work should be thorough, accurate and precise. You should be able to identify and anticipate organizational needs and meet them, troubleshoot from experience, improve systems, and implement models you know to be effective.
  • Bilingual language skills (Spanish and English), with a facility for coordinating client conversations, coordinating TA providers, and both reading and writing in both languages.

Additional DesiredQualities: Familiarity with co-op business form, passionate about economic justice and workplace democracy.

To apply, submit Resume, Cover letter, and three References to: before August 30th, 2017. Include DAWN COORDINATOR POSITION in email subject line. For questions related to this position, please write and cc:

Download a PDF of this job description