Part-time Fermentation Worker

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Three Stone Hearth has a part-time role in our Fermentation and Preservation circle. Please note the specific days for this job are Thursdays and Sundays.

Role Summary

The Fermentation and Preservation Circle at Three Stone Hearth prepares a wide variety of items for sale online and in store including kombucha, granola, cultured dairy products and lacto-fermented vegetables. We are looking to fill two full day regular shifts on Thursday and Sunday.


Key Responsibilities


·        Making and jarring sauerkraut

·        Making granola, prepping ingredients for ferments

·        Brew, harvest, flavor and bottle probiotic beverages.

·        Maintain ingredient inventory for beverage making.

·        Follow all current beverage manufacturing procedures.

·        Develop and test new beverage products as requested.

·        Bottle washing


Other duties as assigned.


Required Education, Experience, and Skills

·        At least 6 months experience working in a commercial kitchen or equivalent, preferred.

·        Personal interest in or experience in fermented beverage making preferred, but not required.

·        Food Handler’s Certification upon hire.

·        Familiarity with principles of food sustainability, including principles of Weston A. Price Foundation.

·        Highly self-motivated and organized; capacity to multi-task, set priorities, and respond quickly to changing needs.

·        Excellent time management skills.

·        Commitment to cleanliness and hygiene

·        Ability to safely use industrial kitchen equipment.

·        Strong attention to detail.


Required Personal Attributes

·        Enthusiasm for Three Stone Hearth’s values, including sustainability, community, and health.

·        Capacity to thrive in a cooperative organization with shared leadership structure.

·        Team player, with good relationship-building skills; this position will need to foster and maintain good working relationships with people from diverse backgrounds.


Physical Requirements

·        Excellent manual dexterity.

·        Ability to work safely with hot liquids.

·        Ability to taste and smell subtleties in fermented foods and beverages.

·        Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

·        Ability to lift and carry 50 pounds.


Scheduling Requirements

·        Regular work hours are expected to be scheduled during hours of operation.

Hourly rate: $15/hour.