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Wanted: New Cooperative Member

Pin Up Posters Courier Collective is a bicycle-based poster-distribution service for cultural and community events. We are looking for friendly, organized, and above all collectively minded new members to join us in our worker-owned cooperative and make a living without having a boss!

We offer great pay, flexible hours, and an equitable and democratic work environment.

This physically intensive job (with part-time hours) consists of

  • biking year-round in the city of Pittsburgh
  • hauling heavy loads by bike and by hand
  • hanging flyers in businesses
  • talking to lots of new people
  • online administrative tasks
  • regular group meetings
  • participation in consensus-based decision-making.Prior experience working collectively is a major plus!

    To inquire, please e-mail us at pin.up.couriers+hiring@gmail. com.

More info about what we do at