Farmer / cooperative member

Kerhonkson Farm collective

Regenerative farming cooperative

There is a new worker coop farm starting up in Kerhonkson NY, offering opportunities for interns, apprentices, and full-time co-farmers.  It is a start-up that comes with real opportunities, and some challenges too,  so the resilient and ambitious types are especially encouraged to apply!

It will be a great opportunity for people drawn to democratic ownership (worker cooperatives), intentional community, and Regenerative farming.

Right now we can offer housing, food, a small stipend, full profit sharing and the opportunity to help grow a new project with a lot of potential for cooperatively minded new farmers.

to find out more contact:
Kevin or Nadette
[email protected]
347 820 2947
Nadette Staša
[email protected]
917-535-1989 cell

The Vision-

An upstate worker cooperative / intentional community farm and retreat center serving other intentional communities and coops in NYC.

The Mission –

1) To provide nutrient-dense, organic, ethical food to the cooperatively minded of the greater NYC area.

2) To provide opportunities for retreat, recreation, connection, and education in transformative living skills like permaculture, regenerative farming, cooperative living, personal development, and more.

3) To provide a home, a community, and right-livelihood to those drawn by this vision and the values embodied within it.   There will be a place here for anyone who wants to not just work hard, but to discover if a commitment to a democratic worker cooperative and intentional community life is for them.

The Place – The location is a former Catskills retreat in Kerhonkson NY in the rich Rondout Valley. (After renovation) there will be 20 bedrooms, abundant community spaces, artist and craft workspaces, commercial kitchen and sustainable food education space, and more.

Business Plans –  We are getting the farm business started by selling whole-farm shares to communities and coops in NYC. We are initially offering community-sized CSA shares: a bulk delivery of  veggies/eggs/meat delivered each week to the respective community/coop house.  (note- we will be developing other market opportunities as well, so people can also be involved in this from the ground up.)

Ganas, an intentional community in Staten Island with 70 members will be an “anchor” customer.  One of the side benefits of the project is a place to stay in a community in NYC on days off, delivery days, etc. and be connected to a growing network of intentional community in NYC!

http://www.regenerationinterna regenerative-agriculture/ ed-project-profiles/maybrook-h otel-farmworker-housing/