Green Coffee Buyer

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1. Job Description:
The position is focused around frequent international travel to work with producer partners around several nodes of interest to the green coffee team at Equal Exchange; physical acquisition of coffee, improvements in our shared value chains and relationship building.  Extensive travel is required.  The buyer will work closely with the quality control and purchasing teams.

Employment Status: Full-time, regular exempt position on worker-owner track
Hours: 40-45 hrs per week
Starting Salary: TBD
Benefits: Health/dental/vision insurance coverage, vacations, holidays, sick days, eligibility for worker ownership
Department: Purchasing
Reports to: Director of Purchasing
Responsible for: Purchasing
Based in: West Bridgewater, MA
2. Qualifications:
An interest in the mission of Equal Exchange
Bi-Lingual Spanish/English.  High level of fluency required
Cupping/sample roasting experience preferred
Strong communicator; written and oral
Ability to work in teams and alone
Understanding of Global Trading Institutions, commodity markets and certifications systems
International experience required
Physically able to withstand difficult travel conditions, including high altitudes
3. Responsibilities:
Negotiate and process contracts with coffee suppliers
Work with marketing teams to develop content about producer partners
Maintain documentation for supply chain audits (financial, social and organic)
Perform supply chain audits
Visit Producer groups, International Travel 50%-75%
Maintain responsible relationships with suppliers
Negotiate and process financing agreements
Process sample approval and shipping logistics
Ensure and improve contract compliance
Other tasks associated with Import of green coffee
Support quality improvement initiatives with partners
Support development activities of EE and producer partners
Social media outreach to our producer partners
Other tasks and projects as needed.
Personnel & Worker Ownership/Fair Trade Development

Participate in staff, team, department, and educational (Exchange Time) meetings.
Understand our producer partners, trading policies, and the Fair Trade movement.
Understand and participate effectively in our worker cooperative model.
To Apply:
Please send your cover letter, resume and answers to the following questions to [email protected] Jan. 29, 2018.
Describe a trying or difficult situation you experienced while in a foreign country.
What are the most common challenges in working with small farmer supply chains in a purchasing relationship?
Imagine that there is a cooperative that Equal Exchange has been buying from for several years, however, we have decided to end the relationship due to poor business performance. What do you do and why?