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Composting, reimagined!

CERO Cooperative, Inc.
Hauling Operations Manager – Full Time/Salaried, Management Team Member

CERO (Cooperative Energy, Recycling, and Organics) is an award-winning commercial composting company based in Dorchester and Roxbury, MA. We provide food waste pickup and diversion services for a wide range of commercial clients in the greater Boston metro area, and transport compostables to local farms where they are returned to the soil and used to support the local agricultural economy. Our mission is simple: keep food waste out of landfills, save money for our clients, and provide good green jobs for Boston’s hard working communities.

CERO is a unique multicultural, multilingual democratic workplace. Beginning operations in 2014, CERO currently serves 60 customers in Eastern Mass with a 3-truck fleet that currently diverts over 50 tons each week of compostable waste that is re-Earthed for urban agriculture and landscapes.


Demonstrated management experience in trucking/hauling operations with a thorough understanding of safe trucking and warehouse management, dispatch, data collection, customer service, and reporting

  • Computer and iOs proficiency, experience working with hauling/trucking operations software programs and databases
  • Organizational skills to develop and improve systems related to warehouse and trucking operations management
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and commitment to fostering a professional team culture
  • Commitment to understanding and modeling cooperative management practices
  • Commitment to learning more about cooperatives and fulfilling requirements to become a worker-owner
  • Bilingual or Spanish proficiency a plus but not required


CERO is a Worker Cooperative business and the  Hauling Operations Manager is a worker-owner track position. Attaining worker-ownership requires

  1. Active participation in CERO Management and Operations Teams, and additional co-op educational meetings as needed
  2. Thoroughly understand CERO’s mission, goals, and our co-op’s connection with a larger solidarity movement to build a sustainable and equitable local economy
  3. Enthusiasm to learn and participate effectively in our worker cooperative model and in the development of a cooperative organizational culture
  4. Upon completion of probationary period all worker-owners accept modest payroll deductions toward fulfilling their worker-owner investment share in the co-op.

Primary Job Responsibilities :

Hauling and Warehouse Management for CERO Cooperative composting service trucking operations and warehouse with a current team of 5-10 drivers, helpers, cleaners in compliance with all applicable workplace safety, OSHA, and employee rights laws and regulations includes:

  1. Training and supervision of truck drivers and warehouse workers
  2. Managing truck routing software (currently using Rubicon X) and monitoring daily truck routes
  3. Daily transfer of accurate information to operations database
  4. Document collection systems including timesheets, inspection reports, incident reports, vehicle maintenance schedules, etc.
  5. Serve as a responsive contact with CERO customers and partners
  6. Act as CERO Cooperative liaison and primary point of contact with drivers, model cooperative coaching management and supportive behavior
  7. Ensure prompt and efficient vehicle maintenance.
  8. Establish systems to maintain up-to-date equipment and supplies inventory

Interested applicants please send written answers the below questions in no more than one page and submit with your resume via email to hello@cero.coop. If you have any questions related to this posting, please email Lor@CERO.coop.

Application Questions:

What does successful trucking operations management look like to you? Give an example from your past experience.
What do cooperative management and supervision mean to you?
When thinking about an aspect of the CERO mission that is compelling to you, how would you communicate that to a driver?