Health-related benefits

The USFWC is dedicated to building health equity and mobilizing our membership to create better, more affordable options for health care.

We’re excited to announce that we are able to offer a vision insurance plan beginning in January 2018, in addition to the dental insurance benefits that we’ve offered our members since January 2017.

In the future, we hope to offer additional health benefits, a USFWC-sponsored retirement plan, and reduced rates on business insurance.

Have questions about benefits? Email us at for more information.

Below are info sheets with current rates and admin fees.

How to enroll:

Between November 01 - December 15, 2017, any member workplace (as well as employees who may not have opted in last year) may fill out this form to get enrolled.

After signing a contract and providing us with information on all employees enrolling in the plan, active USFWC member workplaces will be enrolled and will be billed monthly for each upcoming month. Fees are calculated per member, based on their personal plan selections, in addition to an administrative fee for the workplace.


If you are a new member, you may send an inquiry to be added to the benefits plans at any time via this form.

Here's a video reviewing our dental and vision plans:


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to enroll in this plan?

All dues paying USFWC member workplaces and startups are eligible to enroll. As a workplace enrolling in the dental plan, you must enroll 70% of your qualified workers: a worker qualifies for the plan if they work full time (above 20 hours per week) and are not already covered by a family member’s benefits plan. There is no minimum enrollment requirement for the vision plan.

Current USFWC member workplaces must enroll during Open Enrollment, which is held every fall. New USFWC member workplaces may enroll within 3 months of joining the USFWC. See here for more information on becoming a member.

How do I enroll?

Our enrollment period is November 01 - December 15, 2017. On our Open Enrollment homepage we have a Benefits Interest form. After completing this form, we will contact you to collect additional information - you must provide the following information for all enrolling workers, dependents, and partners: full legal name, address, gender, and SSN or Taxpayer ID number.

All enrollment information should be sent to Once we receive an enrollment form we will send your workplace a contract to be signed and returned.

When can I join the plan?

Open Enrollment for all new and renewing workplaces is November 01 - December 15, 2017. Outside of the Open Enrollment period, workers at enrolled workplaces may  join the plan mid-year if they were hired within the past three months. You may also qualify to join mid-year as an individual if you are losing dental and/or vision coverage from another source and your workplace is already enrolled in USFWC health benefits.

Which dentists are on the plan?

Because our members are spread out across the United States, we want to give you as much freedom as possible when choosing a dental provider. Out-of-network benefits are the same as in-network benefits, making choosing a new dental provider or staying with your existing dental provider much easier. Note: Services provided by the 10% most expensive dentists in your area may carry a surcharge.


Can my partner/family/etc be on the plan too?

Yes! Dependents are eligible until the age of 26. Partners/spouses can be covered - legal marriage is not required, however proof of shared bills or a lease showing shared residence is required. We don’t require workplaces to contribute to non-workers’ monthly premiums.

How do I update my benefits information?

Use the form here to update your benefits information.

Can I unenroll?

Yes if at any point you no longer want dental or vision insurance you can opt out before the monthly invoice. But you can not re-enroll once you have dropped the plan.

Who is our provider? Do I get an insurance card?

Our dental provider is United Concordia, and our vision provider is EyeMed. Insurance cards are mailed to individually to participants, based on the addresses provided upon enrollment. As soon as coverage begins, workers may access their benefits using the group plan number along with their SSN/Tax ID # - dependents may need to use the SSN/Tax Id # of the worker who they receive benefits through. 

All dental cards reflect the name of the employee. In the case of a dependent, for example, the name on the insurance card will be the name of the employee, and that’s what they can use when at the doctor’s office.

How does billing work?

We invoice participating workplaces monthly via email, These digital invoices include a "pay now" button, allowing your workplace to transfer money into the USFWC benefits account. Invoices are sent through Intuit’s QuickBooks platform, which allows us your workplace to easily pay your benefits bills online while keeping program administration costs low.

How do we change worker information?

If a worker owner moves to a new address, has a child, gets married/divorced, moves in with a partner, moves to part-time hours, or leaves the plan, you may fill out this form and the change will be reflected on your workplace’s invoice.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Email any questions to