Commit to Cooperatives!

Building off the momentum generated last year around the UN International Year of Cooperatives, the USFWC is launching a campaign to embed worker cooperatives in our communities at a policy level for long-lasting impact.

We know the benefits of cooperative enterprises and we can bring this knowledge to local decision makers in cities across America. We have an opportunity right now to organize and mobilize cooperative supporters to take action in our local communities – advocating for social investment, public policy, and government support for cooperatives.

“Commit to Cooperatives” Campaign has two main objectives:

1) Identify a core community of supporters who want to see Main Street revitalized with cooperatively-owned businesses and high-quality jobs. We need to build quantifiable public support for cooperatives and by making the commitment to cooperatives you can be a part of this growing community.

2) Develop a website as a strategy center and resource database. Communities across the country are already engaging in local advocacy and policy efforts to establish a cooperative-friendly business environment. The website, when launched, will be a central place to highlight updates about advocacy efforts and provide resources to support local communities in taking action in support of a cooperative economy.

From Boston, to Philadelphia, to Austin, Madison, Jacksonville and Richmond – local cooperative supporters are already taking action. We’ll be reporting on their efforts, actively supporting their work and providing resources for other communities who want take action.

By shopping at cooperatives, establishing new cooperatives, and gaining political support for cooperatives, we all have the power to make the new economy a cooperative economy.

Commit to Cooperatives Today – Together we can turn public support into public advocacy.