Each year, the USFWC hosts an annual election for the Board of Directors. In 2017, we will be electing At-Large Directors. Regional representatives were recently elected in 2016.


  • Be a key part of building the worker co-op movement in this country.
  • Network with other co-op and economic justice organizations.
  • Travel to local, regional, national worker cooperative conferences.
  • Represent the US at the CICOPA (international worker co-op federation)
  • General Assembly and as part of delegations to other countries.
  • Board members are not compensated for their time, but USFWC does cover expenses incurred in the course of regular board service, such as travel and telephone use.

Overview & Candidate Eligibility

  • USFWC is led by a member-elected Board of between 5 and 9 directors.
  • There are 4 regional representatives (elected in years ending in even numbers) and up to 5 At-Large representatives (elected in years ending in odd numbers)
  • Voting member classes include: Worker Cooperative, Democratic Workplace, Cooperative Developer, and Federation Partners. More about all member classes available here:
  • Any worker-owner of a voting member workplace may run for the Board, with support from their workplace (or employee in the case of Democratic Workplace, Coop Developer and Federation Partner members).
  • A candidate’s workplace must be a USFWC member for at least one year from the date of the annual member meeting.
  • At-large candidates can run from any voting member workplace and are voted on by the entire membership.
  • Regional Representative candidates must run for the regional seat (North, South, East, West) where their workplace operates. In the case of virtual offices, candidates have the option to run in the region where they reside.

Board Commitment

  • Board terms are two (2) years from date of election.
  • Attend our annual 2-day, in-person Board retreat (tentatively scheduled for Nov or early Dec 2017).
  • Participate in monthly 2-hour Board meeting via conference call, plus preparation time.
  • Participate in at least one Board committee (2 – 6 hours work per month).
  • Attend and participate in annual membership meetings and national conferences.
  • Regional Board representatives are specifically responsible for communications with members and organizations in their region


  • April 11 – Candidate Nomination Opens
  • April 25 – “What you need to know about serving on the USFWC Board” webinar (recording available afterwards)
  • May 19th – Submit your candidate nomination by May 19th – You may nominate yourself or someone else from a Worker Cooperative, Democratic Workplace, Cooperative Developer, or Federation Partner member.
  • May 22nd – 26th – Candidate’s ‘Town Hall’ with Members (online webinar)
  • May 29th – June 10th – Online Voting
  • June 11th or 12th – Member meeting and in-person meeting
Questions? More Info contact  Ana Martina at, 415.392.7277 x 5
Board Nominations Committee: Damon Terrell, or Ricardo Nuñez,

USFWC 2017 At-Large Board of Directors Nominations | Nominaciones para la Junta Directiva de la USFWC 2017

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