New Members

WELCOME TO OUR NEW MEMBERS! The Peoples Gardening Collective The former employees of City People’s Landscaping, will be organizing as a worker cooperative, just as the business was originally founded. They are excited to have the opportunity to build upon City People’s 28 years of outstanding service to its clients, community and employees. OnPoint Security […]

Member Highlight: Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative

Why did you become a worker co-op? Maharlika Cleaning Cooperative is the first worker cooperative of Filipina domestic workers in the US, predominantly human trafficking survivors. We organized as an office cleaning cooperative because we know that through this model we can create a business that contributes to our vision of a just and equitable […]

Cleaning Co-op Development Intensive

Our Members Teamworks Development Institute are putting on an intensive 3 day gather for Cleaning co-ops. Check out their site to register.  The Intensive is for everyone involved in planning, launching, and growing worker-owned house cleaning cooperatives.   We will customize the program based on the needs of participants.  We expect to have sessions and […]

Regarding this election: we hear you, we understand, and we are with you.

[Continúa la Versión en Español] Dear worker cooperative members, supporters and allies, We’ve heard from so many of you how this election is terrifying, and want to open by saying we hear you, we understand, and we are with you. We are together. This election leveraged white supremacy, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, ableism, anti-Semitism, transphobia, […]

USFWC da la bienvenida a nuevos miembros en 2016

La US Federation of Worker Cooperatives está creciendo Nuestra red está creciendo, nuestros nuevos  miembros tienen una variedad en términos de misión,  objetivos, y se encuentran a lo largo de todo el  país. Te invitamos a que conozcas más  sobre nuestros  nuevos miembros a continuación. LIFT Economy – NYC NoWC La misión de LIFT […]

Welcome to our newest members!

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is growing Our network is growing our newest members have a variety of missions, goals, and are spread across the US. We invite you to get to know them and check out their information below. LIFT Economy – NYC NoWC LIFT Economy mission is to create, model, and […]

Dental Update

Hello Cooperators! We have had an amazing response from everyone for our dental plan. Lots of questions have been raised and answered. But to give more time to deliberation in your cooperatives we will be pushing back the enrollment deadline to Nov. 11th.  We would be happy to answer more questions or set up a call […]

Cuba 2016 Webinar

A fascinating “experiment” is underway just 90 miles from the coast of Florida. In 2014, the Cuban government created a provisional mechanism for the first privately owned businesses in its post-revolution economy through cooperatives. Although agricultural co-ops have played a role for decades in the agrarian and agroecology developments across their country, this new provision […]

Webinar en Español 10/19 ¡Beneficios de la Federación : Seguro Dental para tí! [en español]

Estamos muy emocionados por echar a andar nuestro plan de beneficios dentales para nuestros miembros. El costo es mucho mejor y más barato y accesible entre todos juntos. Queremos que ustedes (nuestros miembros) tengan la oportunidad de hacer preguntas y que puedan aclarar dudas y entender a fondo los detalles de este Plan Dental. Vamos […]

October is Co-op Month!

This month we are celebrating Co-op Month! In October we are raising awareness of the more than 40,000 Cooperative businesses in the United States. These cooperatives generate $514 billion in revenue and more than $25 billion in wages. The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives represent a portion of that sector and through our member ship […]