The United States Federation of Worker Cooperatives is the national grassroots membership organization for worker cooperatives. Our membership also includes democratic workplaces, cooperative, developers and organizations that support worker cooperatives.  In 2014, we will celebrate our tenth anniversary, with over 100 member workplaces across the country who are building a dynamic movement for democratic worker-ownership.

Our mission is to create a thriving cooperative movement through the development of stable and empowering jobs and worker-ownership. We advance worker-owned, -managed, and -governed workplaces through cooperative education, advocacy and development.  

As a membership and advocacy organization, we connect worker cooperative members to benefits, to each other and to the larger cooperative and economic justice movements.  We amplify our members’ individual voices to  advocate for worker cooperatives at the local, state and national level. We provide consulting and technical assistance to cooperatives old and new. And through the education, training and organizing work of our Democracy at Work Institute, we expand the promise of cooperative business ownership to reach those who need it the most.

USFWC members can be found across the country and in diverse industries; they come in all different shapes and sizes. Our 100+ (and growing!) worker cooperative and democratic workplace members represent over 1600 individual worker-owners. Our Federation is led by a 100% member-elected board of directors, numerous member committees and working groups, and a three-person staff.